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9 Unique Ways to Stop Anxiety Attacks

9 Unique Ways to Stop Anxiety Attacks

So imagine this, you are going to downtown Chicago. You think you've come prepared. You are bringing some soft things to help you with texture and some music to listen to, because crowds makes you nervous. However, when you get there, the things you brought with you are not working. What do you do? 

So here's the thing

When you go some place thinking that you are prepared, are you truly prepared? It's going to take work to set up something that works for you. You have to start with baby steps to find out what works for you. So take a look at the things below to try out some new things. 

Unique Tips

Blowing bubbles- you've seen them, you know... those party favors that they give away at weddings that you can stow away in your pocket. This is a quick way to go some place quiet so that you can regulate your breathing. 

Sort tasks into shorter, more doable things- For example, instead of saying "go into the city"- break it down into more tangible steps. Ride in the car for 45 minutes. Stop and grab some coffee. Wait in line, etc. 

Grab some playdoh or silly putty- sometimes being able to focus on something in your hands helps you to focus on something different. Focus on the temperature and feel the texture of the dough or putty. Knead it in your hands a little bit. 

If you can't move to a quiet area, create one. Grab some ear plugs/headphones, a hoodie, and an eye mask/sunglasses. Muting out the noise and distractions will help you to focus more on you. 

Try some grounding- list off things that you can focus on with your senses. For more information on this technique, check out some of my earlier blog posts. 

Acknowledge and accept your thoughts- you can do this by recognizing and giving your thoughts room. Once you give your thoughts space, push them out. 

Grab some aromatherapy that you can wear on your wrists to help pull your mind from the situation. 

Think of your happy place- if you don't want to focus on your surroundings, think about a place that calms you. Think about how it smells, how it feels, what you can see, what you can hear, and taste. 

Listen to music that you love, something that soothes you. Whether it's screaming, rapping, or quiet, grab something that works for you. 

Which to Choose?

Practice makes perfect. The point is explore different things to see what works for you. Stay tuned for some more ways to explore different ways to help with your anxiety! We are going to be exploring other things :-D

Still Need Help?

Want help? We have great news! We have a variety of ways to work with individuals, including 1:1 intensive assessments, programs, individual therapy, and individual coaching. I know some of you may be thinking that all the freebies and skills are just not doing it anymore. If you are at that place, please be brave and reach out to meet with me. We can navigate this together. You don't have to do this alone. 


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