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Be Kind to Others, But Also to Yourself

Be Kind to Others, But Also to Yourself

This week has been an interesting week, but as far as themes go, this theme seems to be ringing my bell more often. Have you ever heard the phrase, "treat others as you would want to be treated". I would hate to treat others the way I treat myself, because for others, I allow them the opportunity to be wrong, to make mistakes, to be sad, to be angry, and to be most of all, human. However, I don't allow myself the same fundamental rights. Does this sound familiar? 

Ways to Be Kinder to Yourself

Don't hold yourself to a higher strict standard that does not allow you to feel or heal. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't hold yourself to any standard whatsoever. It just means that if you make a mistake or if you don't do the type of job you wanted to do, you shouldn't sit for hours berating yourself. You wouldn't do that to someone else. Why are you doing it to yourself? 

Prioritize your sleep. What is the one thing that is the easiest thing to go? A lot of people struggle with making time for their sleep. Either they can't sleep due to insomnia or they choose not to sleep. For me, when I have to sleep, I mentally make a checklist of when I need to sleep and I shut everything down and stick to it. If you need a sleep schedule, click here for an amazing resource. When you don't prioritize your sleep, it affects EVERYTHING you do. 

Taking time to nourish your body and brain. There have been a lot of studies done on how your diet affects your mood and your overall wellbeing. The main talking points include limiting processed foods, refined sugar, fast food, and trans fat. Increase your veggies, fruits, nuts, fish, whole grains, and healthy fats. 

Take time to move. Physical exercise can be extremely beneficial for how you view yourself. Studies have proven that participating in exercise helps to boost your 'happy' chemicals in your brain and will help you view yourself differently. 

Take time to manage stress. This is one of the big ways to be kind to yourself. When you have strict standards with yourself, it increases your stress level, so those thoughts of 'it absolutely has to get done by x' are not doing you any favors. Try incorporating short mental health breaks when you feel your attention slipping. Take note of how the stress affects your body. Does it feel tense or does your breathing increase? 

Limit your time with technology. Especially when the technology is invading your sleep space and time spent with your relationships. Try putting on a timer to spend time with social media or email. Technology can be addicting and can also suck your happiness right out of you. If you don't know how much time you spend on social media, make a chart. Put a tally for every five minutes you spend on social media. It will give you a visual of what that looks like. 

Take some time to enjoy your surroundings. Being outside helps to engage our nervous system by lowering stress causing hormones. Studies have shown that individuals ruminate less on negative thoughts when they are outside. 

Take some time to do nice things for others. This activity has been linked to lowered levels of depression and anxiety. It takes you out of your thoughts and provides a distraction. For some people, it helps to provide them with a sense of purpose. Doing little things for others simply because you can will put a smile on your face and theirs. 

Being grateful. It's amazing what this mindset will do. Take a look at some of the things you may take for granted such as people in your life, the air you breathe, the food you eat, shelter, a bed, and things that you can do. Try writing a letter of appreciation to someone who you feel deserves to be thanked. Take note of how it makes you feel when you do. 

Making Time for You

Whatever you decide to do, make sure that you do it with you in mind. You are practicing things that will help you. Give yourself some slack and take note of how it makes you feel when you do. 

Still Need Something Extra?

I have so many things that you can implement to be kinder to yourself. One of the things is to learn more about yourself and to implement weekly exercises. However, it takes you stepping up and seeking that help in order to make a change. Do you want to change? Let's have a talk about it. Schedule a consultation here. 

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Barbara Maulding, NCC, LCPC