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Do you have a sensitive personality type?

Do you have a sensitive personality type?

Let's face it. The world is often times not a safe place for sensitive personality types. From interactions with strangers to interactions with people you know, you may find yourself wanting to either lash out or withdraw and hide, depending on how you handle intense situations. There are a couple of ways sensitivity can affect you, including: self, others, and environment. 

Sensitive About Self

When you are sensitive about yourself, you may find yourself having a difficult time letting go of negative thoughts and emotions. They tend to ruminate and fester. If something happens that you struggle with, you may find yourself getting physical symptoms (such as a headache or stomach ache) from the situation. When you have a bad day, your bad day may affect you by causing you to lose sleep or lose your appetite. You may carry tension in your body. You may have high expectations of yourself and will beat yourself up if you don't live up to them. You may have an unhealthy fear of rejection, even in small situations, and will go to great lengths to avoid it. You may continually compare yourself to others and feel like you fall short. You may find yourself getting angry about situations where you have no control. 

Sensitive About Others

When you are sensitive in regard to others, you may find yourself worrying about what others think of you. You may find yourself taking things very seriously and feel slighted quite often. When you are slighted, you may have trouble letting the situation go. You may find yourself getting hurt easily and will be offended when other people respond in a certain way. You may find yourself internalizing emotions or your negative emotions are the only thing that you find yourself talking about. You may have a hard time accepting constructive feedback, even if it is given in a socially appropriate manner, because the constructive feedback feels like a slight against your character. You may be defensive with people and have black/white thinking, either everyone is right/wrong or good/bad. You may find yourself overreacting to small situations. You may not feel like you can be yourself around people, and you may feel unsure of yourself and constantly be seeking reassurance from your partner. 

Sensitive About Environment

Sensitivity to environments can come in a variety of ways. You may feel uncomfortable being a crowd of people or large environment. Certain lighting, loud noises, or strong scents may cause you to feel uneasy. You may find yourself getting jumpy with not so nice surprises or sudden movements. You may not enjoy aggressive or bloody shows/movies. You may also struggle when listening to negative news either on other people's media platforms or network news. 

Is Your Personality Type a Sensitive One?

With MBTI, most SF and NF personality types tend to be more sensitive than the ST or NT personality types. It's how the individuals make decisions and how they pursue decisions based on logical rather than emotion. Experts vary on which types are the most sensitive personality type, but a lot of individuals will say that the INFP is probably the most sensitive personality type, with varying degrees of who comes next after that. Even though, experts vary with how sensitivity is show among the different personality types, if you find yourself struggling with sensitivity, there is hope. 

What to do if you have a sensitive personality type

If you find yourself with a highly sensitive personality, you may want to explore ways to help yourself, whether it's increasing your coping mechanisms, being self aware, or exploring sensory immunity outlets. If you find yourself getting overstimulated or overwhelmed, you can use different calming techniques. Don't know what those are? Schedule a time for you and I to talk here. 

Still Need Something Extra?

Did any of the different sensitivities ring a bell with you? There are positives to being a sensitive personality type as well, including having the ability to be empathic and emotionally creative. What are some of the things that you do when you feel yourself getting overwhelmed? If you need some help figuring that out or you need a boost, let me know. We can definitely talk through it. 

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