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We are an online provider who provides therapy services for individuals suffering from anxiety in the Chicagoland area, mid Illinois, and Southern Illinois. We provide coaching services, anger management, and a tailored anxiety program for individuals living in the United States and Internationally.

Do you have anxiety?

Do you have anxiety?

Everybody has worries and stresses that affect them on a daily basis. I get asked if someone has anxiety and what it looks like. However, anxiety is only significant when it starts to affect the overall quality of life. When someone has severe anxiety, he or she may stop doing things that matter to them, may stop interacting with loved ones, or even stop going out. 

Some of the symptoms

This list is not all inclusive, but a majority of the following symptoms are noticeable when people struggle with anxiety. Some of the physical symptoms of anxiety include trembling or shaking, constricting chest or throat, rapid or racing heartbeat, feeling dizzy or light headed, sweating, feeling on edge or jumpy, muscle tension and body aches, extreme tiredness, and sleep problems. Some of the emotional symptoms include feeling like you are hyped up, over worrying, fearing the worst things will happen, and not being able to concentrate. 

Things to help

There are a variety of things that you can do to help. For example, there are techniques that you can master such as mindfulness, meditation, grounding, and cognitive behavior therapy that will help with the emotional symptoms of anxiety. There are also things that you can do to help with the physical symptoms such as exploring sensations, creating soothing environments, creating routines, exploring Reiki, getting acupuncture, massages, and exploring cannabis (strongly suggest getting a medical card if you go this route). 

Root of Anxiety

This is hard to determine, because everybody is different. Sometimes, anxiety is passed down from one family member to another, either through genetics or learned behavior. Sometimes, it comes from the way your brain processes materials. Other times, it comes from trauma that has been experienced previously. Pinpointing exactly when and where it starts is sometimes hard, but it can be explored through either coaching or therapy. 

I want to help!

You have anxiety but you don't know what to do next? I have so MANY things that I can do to help you. I have programs, individual sessions, and other ways to help you get what you need. However, it takes you stepping up and seeking that help in order to make the change. Do you want to change? Let's talk about it. Schedule a consultation here

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