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What if YOU had an Emergency First Aid Kit for your Anxiety?

What if you had an emergency first aid kit for your anxiety?

What if you had an emergency kit, wait for it...YOUR ANXIETY? What would it look like? Would you be able to function better doing the things you love to do? I am SUPER excited about this concept!

The Story Behind the Magic

Larry had a problem. He wanted to be able to fix his anxiety, but he was relying on his significant other who had no idea what to do when he starts to have an anxiety. 

Larry doesn't know what to tell his significant other how to help either. 

Frustrated, Larry becomes resentful with his significant other, because he feels like his SO doesn't understand him. 

However, Larry said something incredible. The biggest thing that Larry needed his significant other to do was to help him through his anxiety attacks, but he didn't know where to even start. 

So, what if Larry had a custom emergency first aid kit that his significant other could just grab for Larry to help him through his anxiety attack? 

Wouldn't that be amazing?!

I get excited just thinking about it!

The Reason That This Is Amazing

Think about it. According to the fire department, you should have an exit strategy (or fire evacuation route) for when your house/dwelling is on fire. 

You know the safest place in your house if there is a tornado warning. You know where to go in your community if you need shelter or if you are evacuating. 

You have medication on hand if you get sick (or at least know where to get it if you need it). Why wouldn't you have an emergency first aid for your anxiety? 

Things to Go in It

It should include a variety of things based on your personality. These things should be calming, peaceful, and promote your overall wellbeing. Everybody's different, so your emergency first aid kit should reflect you. For example, if you had an emergency first aid kit for getting sick, you know what medications work for you when you get a fever, cough or even the stomach flu. You also wouldn't use the same medications for every single thing. A bandaid isn't going to help you when you are puking. :)

I want to help!

Want help? Don't know what goes in your emergency first aid kit for anxiety, but you definitely want to? I am SUPER SUPER excited about this offer, because for a limited amount of time, I am going to help you with this!!! You can sign up for a 20 minute assessment with an expert to help you figure out what will go into your emergency first aid kit for anxiety.

You can create a CUSTOM emergency first aid kit for yourself so that you can start to implement it!!! These spots are going to go FAST, so sign up here

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