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The Art of sticking your foot in your mouth


You always say the wrong thing. 

Or you worry about saying the wrong thing. 

What if your hurt their feelings?

What if they don't want to talk to you ever again?

You will be labeled the worst human being alive. 

The Contact

*Your friend wants you to help them

* You feel stuck when giving them advice

*Nothing you say seems to help them

The thoughts afterwards

*You are convinced you are making things worse. 

*They are never going to talk to you again. 

*What is wrong with you?

What to do

*With anxiety moments like this, it helps to have some sort of way to distract yourself

*Having trouble sleeping? Try counting your breaths in and out

*Another way to distract yourself is to try grounding techniques

Why it works

*When you are so focused on the thoughts, you are giving the thoughts permission to spiral and cause physical symptoms. 

*When your thoughts spiral, they take your body and your emotions with them. 

*Hence, this is why your thoughts can lead to increase in breathing and in your heart rate. 

*Giving yourself time to concentrate on slowing down your body's physical symptoms allows you to control the anxiety. 

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