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How ENFPs React to Anxiety

How ENFPs React to Anxiety

I am a huge believer in how personality types interact with one another. As an INFJ, I tend to have a lot of people who are ENFPs in my life. Actually, most of the clients that I end up treating, tend to be ENFPs. I also noticed that ENFPs tend to struggle with anxiety for a variety of different reasons. As ENFPs struggle with anxiety, they tend to show some unique patterns of behavior. 

What is an ENFP?

For those of you who don't know, an ENFP is a personality type that comes from Myers Briggs Type Indicator. This personality type consists of Extrovert, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceptive. A lot of individuals with this personality type tend to have white knight syndrome. White knight syndrome is when someone continually stands up for the rights of others while disregarding their own. 

In What Ways are ENFPs Susceptible to Stress?

Some of the reasons why ENFPs may struggle with stress include lack of focus on details, being curious, craving independence, overthinking, feeling intense emotion, and being sensitive. Let's start with lack of focus on details. ENFPs are amazing at generating new ideas, but because of how they are wired, they do not enjoy the mundane tasks needed to bring the idea to fruition. ENFPs love meeting new people and are very curious about new ideas, but focus more on the new idea rather than the details to make the new idea or concept into a reality. 

ENFPs love independence and freedom and sometimes struggle when given perceived restrictions on that freedom. A lot of ENFPs tend to overthink about interactions and people they meet. They worry about how they act or the hidden meanings behind what people say and do. ENFPs also tend to struggle with intense emotions and will have outbursts when struggling with these emotions. The outbursts may affect their relationships and not in a good way.

ENFPs tend to struggle with intense emotions which may affect their relationships. ENFPs also struggle with being highly sensitive. In fact, on a sensitivity scale, ENFPs are one of the most sensitive personality types, only shown up by INFPs. This means that criticisms may be taken to heart and can affect their self-esteem. It can also leave them feeling overwhelmed. 

How ENFPs Act When Anxious

ENFPs are usually sunshine and rainbows and can be amazingly fun to be around. However, when anxiety kicks in, ENFPs may become irritable, defensive, reactive, and emotional. They may start to feel overwhelmed, feel trapped, critical, lash out, and find fault with everyone in their life as they try to grasp for what little control they can find. As they implode with their relationships, they can become controlling, depressed, and hopeless. As a means of self-preservation, they to avoid assigning fault on themselves. They may start to become exhausted and suffer from fatigue. 

What an ENFP Can Do When Anxiety Kicks In

When ENFPs struggle with anxiety, they need to focus on taking care of themselves by getting enough sleep, eating properly (not eating junk food all the time), making time to rest, and getting some down time in. Especially with the white knight syndrome, ENFPs need to learn to say no and spend some time focusing on themselves. If you are an ENFP and start to see the signs of anxiety creeping in, take some time to reflect on yourself or grab a friend or significant other to talk with about the stressors that you are dealing with. ENFPs are extroverts and talking through their thoughts will help them to process through them. 

Still Need Something Extra? 

There are many things you can do to explore ways to help with anxiety. I have a lot of different resources that you can check out. If you are an ENFP and struggle with anxiety, I have a special closed group for you. You can find that here. However, if you need something stronger, come schedule a a talk to strategize what the next step might be. Do you want to change? If so, schedule a free consultation with me. 

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