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What is an out of network provider?

What is an out of network provider?

What are these strange words? 

Why do some therapists insist on doing something that is kind of scary? 

Why does out of network provider provoke scary thoughts?

Strange words

Out of network provider means that a therapist did not contract with the insurance company in question. 

What is a contract? 

A contract is the insurance company paying an (often times) minimal rate for services rendered, which in this case, would be a counseling session. 

A contract forces therapists to accept the cost of whatever the insurance company decides is fair. 

Often times, the therapist is forced to spend time negotiating with insurance companies to receive payment even if they are already contracted with them. 

This is time that takes away from providing counseling services, which includes time spent researching specific issues or training for clients. 

There are several different plans available and not everybody may have the same plan. This means that as a therapist, I want to provide the same level of services to everyone but I may not be able to based on someone's insurance plan. 

The scary out of network

Out of network is often synonymous with scary amounts of money which often times are unknown. 

When I hear out of network, I think of getting bills worth hundreds or thousands of dollars per visit. 

That's not the case with us. 

Going into services, you will know exactly what is owed. The amount never changes. Every single time you meet with one of our counselors. 

Why we are an out of network provider

To be completely ethical, we need to provide the same level of care and services to everyone. 

This means that even when you come in or when we meet, our counselors are focused on you. Not worrying about your insurance company. Just focused on you. 

It also means that you get to pick out who works best for you. Period. Often times, when insurance companies are the ones contracting, you only have a hand full of therapists to choose from. When their decision does not matter, it opens you up to a whole world of therapists so that you get to choose. 

Plus, you know that the entire amount that you pay per week is going towards that deductible. Some people have $5000 deductibles that they have to meet. With us, that's 33 sessions. That's 33 sessions that some of you may be paying out of pocket anyway to meet that deductible. 

You know what's also awesome about out of network providers? You may be getting some or all of that amount back. You pay upfront and don't have to worry about getting scary bills in the mail. We can either give you the super bill to turn into your insurance company or we can turn it into them directly. 

Plus (super bonus), some insurance companies will pay more for out of network services than they will for contracted services. Which translates into you meeting that huge deductible even faster. 

So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call! :)

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Barbara Maulding, NCC, LCPC