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Meditation: Is There a Right Way to Do It?

Meditation: Is there a right way to do it?

Most people will tell you no. If you decide to sit and say a bunch of 'ohms' and 'ahs', that is definitely your choice and no one is going to judge you for it. But, if you want to get something out of meditation, you may want to try it a different way. Most of you that are reading this have probably heard of meditation and have some idea of what it might look like. Did you know that most Eastern Meditation experts say that we do meditation wrong? Did you also know that meditation can be done from a lot of different places (not just a quiet area- even though that may help). 

How It Works

Meditation works on a couple of different levels. It works on a physical level, because it helps to calm your body. It also works on an emotional level, because it helps to calm your mind. On a physical level, it works by helping your body to get out of the fight or flight response that anxiety causes. Meditation techniques are similar to what your body does after an intense work out. The reason that I say this is because when your body is in cool down mode from an intense workout, it is similar to the cool down that the meditation provides as well.

Imagine this, you've been running everyday for a month. When you first started running, your body would need at least 30 minutes to cool down, because you were really out of shape. However, as you got better at running, your body got better at getting back to your resting heart rate, and it did so much quicker. 

This is kind of how meditation works with cooling down your body. With practice, you are able to calm your mind and your body much quicker. The more often that you practice meditation the less time it's going to take your body to respond to it. 

How to Correctly Do Meditation

According to Eastern Meditation Experts, you are not supposed to focus on an object or a scene (this is actually called grounding). What you are supposed to do is to let your thoughts flow in your mind. You are not supposed to put any kind of blame or judgment on the thoughts. Your thoughts are not negative or positive; they are just there. This practice can be done anywhere. You can be sitting at your desk at work and take time to close your eyes and practice this technique. You can do this at family dinner when arguments arise. 

How Most People Use Meditation

Most people will tell you that it usually requires a couple of different things to help with anxiety. There is not one thing that fixes everything (though that would absolutely amazing). You can't simply do one thing once and expect everything to be perfect. It's not a miracle. You have to be willing to practice it on a daily basis. It takes work :). 

Still Need Something Extra?

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