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Signs You May Need a Mental Health Day

Signs You May Need a Mental Health Day

I don't know if you guys remember when I talked about some of the signs that an ENFP needs a break. You can check that out here. Your mental health can affect your physical health, and there are some things that you may want to do to be proactive with your mental health. 

Unfortunately, America's workforce does not exactly encourage a healthy life balance. A lot of employers discourage employees to take sick days, often time encouraging employees to "push through it". Did you know that your sick days can not only be used for your "snotting everywhere days" and "barfing days"? 

A mental health day can help you with reducing stress and increasing your overall mental wellbeing. Stress or stressors can lead to a decrease in your overall mental wellbeing. Unfortunately, if your stress takes over, it can affect your relationships and your body. When your mind is functioning at top tier, your body is going to be there with it. 

You may need a Mental Health Day if...

If you are freaking out and not sure why. Stress overtime can do funny things to a person. It can cause you to get stuck in the fight or flight mode and you will find yourself freaking out about little things. This is a sign that you need to take some time to get to know yourself again. 

If your brain is feeling foggy and you are having trouble concentrating. Back to being overwhelmed? Sometimes, when you have so much to focus on, your brain stops being able to function at it's best. 

You are overly exhausted and can't sleep at night. It's funny that when your body needs sleep the most, it decides to deprive you even more. It doesn't make sense that your body would deprive itself of the thing that it needs the most, but it happens when your stress is overwhelming. 

You are feeling more anxious and uptight than normal. This goes back to you freaking out and not being sure why. When your anxiety is kicking into high mode, it will start affecting your relationships, work life, and home life. 

You are feeling depressed and not sure why. If you are crying at things that normally you wouldn't cry about, this may be a sign that your stressors are too high. It's hard to figure this out without taking some time away from the stressors. 

Everything is offending you and you don't know why. When you are struggling and stressors arise, you may find yourself becoming extra sensitive. Have you ever heard the phrase: hurt people, hurt people. Yep! If you don't take care of you, it's a physical impossibility to help others. 

You keep getting physically sick. If you find yourself getting a cold for the upteenth time, you may want to check your stressors. Your mental health has a direct affect on how you function in your daily life. 

You feel detached from everything. This goes back to not being able to focus. As a natural coping mechanism, your brain is going to start detaching on it's own. This means that things that would normally be important to you, don't have the same impact on you. 

The Guilt

My advice (which you can totally take or leave) is to take a mental health day when you start to see the signs. Taking a mental health day every now and then is NOT a bad thing. It can actually be an extremely good thing, because it forces you to slow down in a society that does not always encourage it. When you are taking time for you, repeat the following- I need to take care of me in order to take care of others. This will help with the guilt that may come from taking care of yourself. 

Still Need Something Extra?

We have an awesome opportunity coming up in the fall for you to hang out with us. Our mind and body day retreat will give you some new ideas of things to do when you need to take the mental health day as well as the ability to have some fun in the meantime. Sign up here! Do you want to join us? 

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