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Six Quick Ways to De-Stress Without Leaving Work

Six Quick Ways to De-Stress Without Leaving Work

Have you struggled with trying to get rid of stress whenever you are in the moment? 

Imagine that you are stuck at work and cannot simply leave. You need to find a way to blow off some steam before it starts to affect your anxiety. 

How are you going to be able to do that? 

There are things you can do that are magic

When I say magic, I mean that feeling when you know something that is going to help. 

For example, when I am trying to fix my car and finally find something that fits the bolt that I need, this piece of magic is going to take some fiddling to find something that fits you. 

However, when you do find it, you are going to have that moment of elation where you have something that works. 

Six Quick Ways to De-Stress

I don't know if you've ever seen the Dammit Dolls, but the concept is amazing. It's a stitched doll made of stuffing that you can hit on surface and mute scream (aka a loud humming noise) or you can physically scream as loud as you can to relieve some of that stress that has been built up. 

Grab a piece of gum (whether it's mint or cinnamon- or some other flavor that reminds you of your happy place). It may help. 

Take a time and do some stretching. Some of the stretching reminds you of how your body feels and brings you into the moment. 

Do 20 jumping jacks. It gets your heart pumping and gives your body a quick boost of adrenaline and will help you blow off steam. 

Take a five-minute breathing moment from all of your electronics. It will give your brain a chance at a reprieve. 

It may sound cliche but grab a stress ball (either make your own or buy one). Shake out your hand. Squeeze the stress ball as hard as you can for 10 seconds and slowly release. Shake out your hand again. 

How does this relate anxiety?

A good chunk of time, smaller stressors may lead up to an anxiety attack. 

They build up and create a bigger mess for you to clean up. 

When you find ways to de-stress, it can help help you manage your anxiety on a smaller level. 

Still Need Help?

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