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7 Flirting Hacks that Actually Work

Have you ever wondered if there is a psychological reason that some flirting techniques work and others do not? Well, there are reasons behind each flirting hack that we are going to share with you. So imagine, the cute guy/girl that you wanted so badly to talk to (but your anxiety is telling you that it’s not a good idea). Imagine getting the confidence to walk up to them and be able to talk to them. It doesn’t have to be as unnerving as it currently is. What if you had some science to back up that confidence? Read on to find out.

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To Retreat or To Not Retreat...

I remember what it was like to go to a retreat. We had a retreat for my church a while back around Christmas. They did a tea party, played games, and we had an overall nice time. When I think of retreats, I think of an oasis, a place to get away from the stresses of life. I think of camaraderie, being able to spend time with friends and getting to know new friends. So there are a couple of reasons to say yes to a retreat…What’s your reason?

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Can Tattoos Help Your Anxiety?

The stigma related to having mental health problems can seem limiting. Some people may feel stifled and struggle with not being able to talk about the things that hinder them or cause them to struggle from day to day. One way that some people speak out against mental health stigma is to adorn themselves with mental health related tattoos. It's a concept that's come to be known as tattoo therapy. 

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The Magic Power of Groups

I have a little bit of social anxiety going on when it comes to interactions with multiple people all at the same time. However, whenever I have the opportunity to do so, I don’t regret the experience, the high, euphoric state that comes from interactions when hanging out with friends or a learning experience is not replaceable. Groups can be amazing things!

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What You Should Know About the Concept of Self Love

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have sufficient boundaries so that when people make nasty comments it doesn't bother you?

When I talk about self love, I am talking about not just being good to yourself, though that counts too. 

I am talking about being physically and mentally prepared for whatever your days may bring. 

I tell people that self love means putting on armor, so that when you go out for battle (i.e. life), you are not going to be shredded to bits and pieces. 

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The Art of sticking your foot in your mouth

Being self-conscious or anxious in social situations is normal. Sometimes, we overthink the way we interact with other and fall into the trap of negative self-talk. There are some strategies you can use to help you gain some perspective on how you relate to others.

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