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We are an online provider who provides therapy services for individuals suffering from anxiety in the Chicagoland area, mid Illinois, and Southern Illinois. We provide coaching services, anger management, and a tailored anxiety program for individuals living in the United States and Internationally.

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To Retreat or To Not Retreat...

I remember what it was like to go to a retreat. We had a retreat for my church a while back around Christmas. They did a tea party, played games, and we had an overall nice time. When I think of retreats, I think of an oasis, a place to get away from the stresses of life. I think of camaraderie, being able to spend time with friends and getting to know new friends. So there are a couple of reasons to say yes to a retreat…What’s your reason?

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9 Unique Ways to Stop Anxiety Attacks

Ever been stuck in public and you start to feel an anxiety attack coming on? Imagine, being out with friends or family, and you start to feel like every one is judging you. You look at around at so, so many people, and you are having trouble breathing. Check out this blog post for some ideas on how to manage this situation and more. 

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What You Should Know about Causes of Anxiety

Those of you suffering from anxiety may not have a full understanding of where anxiety comes from. Why is this important? Well, it's like trying to fix a leak in a tire. If you are applying patches to all the wrong areas, your leak isn't going to go away. Applying all of the wrong techniques could actually do more harm than good. 

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