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We are an online provider who provides therapy services for individuals suffering from anxiety in the Chicagoland area, mid Illinois, and Southern Illinois. We provide coaching services, anger management, and a tailored anxiety program for individuals living in the United States and Internationally.

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What is a Trigger and Why Should I Care?

What is a trigger? A trigger is an event or thought that causes an anxious reaction. Triggers are both internal and external. Internal triggers are things like thoughts. External triggers are things like events, days, interactions with people, and other things. Sometimes, the triggers combine to the point where it's hard for you to figure out what came first. 

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Is Your Insomnia Caused by Anxiety?

You’ve had a couple of sleepless nights. What if you can’t break the cycle? What’s going to happen? You hate it when you can’t sleep, because then you find yourself not being able to focus, struggling to keep your anxiety down, and then the cycle starts all over again…

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What if YOU had an Emergency First Aid Kit for your Anxiety?

What if you had an emergency kit that you could go to when you are having an anxiety attack? What if your significant other knew what to go to when he or she saw that you were having an attack? Imagine, the possibilities!

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Which Sensory Experience is Better, Weighted Blankets or Float Tanks?

Ever wondered if float tanks or weighted blankets are for you? Both are great tools to use with anxiety. Weighted blankets are great to use at home, and float tanks are a great way to escape from the world. Which is best for you? 

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Ways to Fall Asleep with Anxiety

Would you like to fall asleep with anxiety? How about falling asleep and actually staying asleep. You are super excited to actually lay down and finally get a chance to close your eyes...and the thoughts start. Those annoying thoughts of "what ifs" and "you didn't do this". You know...those thoughts that WON'T SHUT UP! What if I told you that there's a way to train your brain to not do this? Would you be interested? 

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