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What's your MBTI Achilles heel?

What's your MBTI Achilles heel?

Ever wonder what it is that makes your partner tick? Want to be able to understand your family members better? Think about the times that you have struggled. What is the one thing that is your Achilles heel? Read on to find out more!


Depending on what your personality type is, you weakness may vary, even among introverts. For example, an ISFJ is self sacrificing and will put everyone before themselves. This personality type tends to take on problems and make them their own. 

An ISFP's Achilles heel is their sensitivity. This personality type tends to avoid conflict and will avoid situations and people that cause conflict. An INFJ struggles with their desire to continually look for perfectionism in situations and people. It's an Achilles heel, because they tend to miss situations and people that will help them grow as they are looking for the perfection that doesn't exist. 

An INFP's Achilles heel is their idealism. This personality type will idealize situations and relationships. When the person is unable to live up to the idealized version of themselves, it ruins the relationship, often times before it truly gets going. 

An INTP's Achilles heel is getting caught up with their own ideas and thoughts as well as not putting those thoughts into actions. An INTJ struggles with socialization. This personality type has trouble recognizing social cues and social situations. 

An ISTJ struggles with change. This personality type must see the positives in a situation in order to fully be ready for the change. However, that can take a really long time. An ISTP's Achilles heel is passiveness. This personality type likes to analyze things rather than take action on them. 


An ESFP struggles with the need for approval and will hesitate on goals until they know that everyone around them likes them and approves of them. An ESFJ struggles with obedience. This personality type is a rule follower to a fault and will struggle with standing up for themselves and what they believe in. 

An ENFP struggles with shiny object syndrome. An ENFP continuously is looking for the next new, bright, and shiny thing and will abandon things (or forget about something) in search of new things. An ENFJ struggles with the urge to interfere. This personality type sees what can help and hinder their loved ones. Because they have the ability to see this, they struggle with the compulsion to help which can get in the way of their relationships (especially if their loved one does not enjoy this). However, this type of behavior will often become overwhelming, and the ENFJ will struggle with burnout. 

An ENTP struggles with indecision. This personality type sees benefits in a variety of situations and struggles with picking just one thing. An ENTJ struggles with competitiveness. This personality type enjoys being the best at everything they do, and they may overlook an individual's emotions when they are getting there. 

An ESTJ struggles with subjectivity. This personality type tends to look at things with a logical point of view. However, when someone does not agree with them, they will think of the person as behaving in an illogical manner. An ESTP struggles with impulsivity and will settle for short term fixes rather than waiting for long term goals to come to fruition. 

Recognizing an Achilles Heel

Maybe, as you were reading through this, you found yourself saying, "Yep! I totally do that" or "Yep, he/she totally does that". If you don't know what your MBTI is and you're interested in finding out, contact me to schedule time to talk. We can talk about the next steps and ways to identify strengths. 

Still Need Something Extra?

Are you interested in learning more about yourself? Do you need help with your Achilles heel? Or maybe, if you need something a bit stronger, come schedule a talk to strategize regarding what the next step might look like. Do you want to change? If so, schedule a free consultation with me. 

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