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We are an online provider who provides therapy services for individuals suffering from anxiety in the Chicagoland area, mid Illinois, and Southern Illinois. We provide coaching services, anger management, and a tailored anxiety program for individuals living in the United States and Internationally.

30 Days to Control Your Anger

Anger Program Picture.png
Anger Program Picture.png

30 Days to Control Your Anger


Imagine being able to not have the tears and frustration from family and friends, because of your anger. Imagine not having the guilt associated with those interactions. What if you could not lose control when you get angry? What if you could react in a way that let’s you feel heard and let’s your family feel heard? There’s a way! If this rings true for you, this program could change your life. If you are ready to change, grab this now!

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This program is designed to help you figure out and accept where your anger is coming from. Are you angry and blowing up at your family members and friends? Can't seem to kick anger or keep it under control? This program is for those people who need help with anger before it starts affecting their work and relationships. This program offers 4 modules (a weekly module with hands on activities, including video demonstrations), access to a private Facebook group where you can process with peers, and the ability to process in a group with your peers once a week. Here's to all my change makers out there! I got you :).

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Barbara Maulding, NCC, LCPC