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We are an online provider who provides therapy services for individuals suffering from anxiety in the Chicagoland area, mid Illinois, and Southern Illinois. We provide coaching services, anger management, and a tailored anxiety program for individuals living in the United States and Internationally.


Free Resources

If you are interested in checking out our resources, we have a lot of great opportunities for you to hang out with us. We do different challenges a couple of times a month. 

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Create Your Own Sparkle Charger Kit

This is perfect for stressful situations, anxiety, panic attacks, and a great way to be okay with being you. Jump in and watch the video to learn more about trauma brain and start implementing!

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Is Your Insomnia Caused by Anxiety?

This is a 8 minute assessment where you can find out whether your anxiety is causing your insomnia or if it is something else. Curious? Check out the link below! 

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Weighted Blanket versus Float Tank Assessment

Ever wondered whether you would be a better fit for a weighted blanket or a float tank to help with your anxiety? Take this assessment to figure it out! 

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6 Ways to Fall Asleep Fast with Anxiety

If you are having trouble with insomnia and you know that it is caused by anxiety, here's a list of proven ways that help to get rid of the insomnia once and for all!

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Barbara Maulding, NCC, LCPC